E2E Barter™ is a service of The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Centre

Growing together, Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur

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Growing together, Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur

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Creating a community that facilitates the non-monetary exchange of products and services among Entrepreneurs.






We pride ourselves in creating innovative and creative opportunities for MSMEs to connect, grow, survive and thrive, especially given our present economic climate. With our services, you’re guaranteed to learn, connect and grow your business.


We are constantly connecting with, and recruiting among the best and brightest minds in the Entrepreneurial ecosystem. With our team of experts, we’ve positioned ourselves with some of the best connections so that we can deliver a complete, advantageous, and quality service to you.

E2E for Bartering

Due to the challenges Entrepreneurs encounter, including the lack of startup funding, we are under the impression that the only legit solution that can assist Entrepreneurs when funds are low, would be to barter goods and services.

  • It’s local.
  • It’s free.


We believe the spirit under which your company was formed is a vital part of its future growth. We respect your company’s established focus, mission, and objectives while using our unique and effective business problem-solving skills to grow your business. Our team is unmatched!


We provide our Entrepreneurs with several keys that will help in all areas of their businesses.  Whether you need to enter a new market or start a business for the first time, The Timely Entrepreneur will always find a way to connect you to the resources you need to grow your business.

Start A New Path

We wanted to create a business space where Entrepreneurs could work together to build a community that could genuinely be the driving force for a new entrepreneurial mindset.

Tired of the continuous process of trying to build your business on a shoe-string budget? And more so, are you tired of coping alone in this pandemic?


Get A Head Start

E2E Barter, a service of The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Centre, is committed to bringing people and resources together so as to facilitate its main objective of ‘connecting the dots and bridging the gaps’ in Entrepreneur-ship. 

Though the E2E Barter platform is in its inception stage, we invite you to come on board early!

Our Location

The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Centre is committed to providing the absolute best set of services to our Entrepreneurs. Since our start, we have continued to build and grow businesses and stay true to our original mission — to bridge the gaps and connect the dots in Entrepreneurship through Knowledge, eliminating bureaucracy along the way.

Register your business today for free and list your services so you can have access to the products/services of others. Let us show you how we can do more for you than anyone else.